puppy kindergarten class

Coming Soon

Puppy kindergarten class will be offerered Sunday afternoons from 2:00-3:00 PM at a cost of $20 per class. It will be on an open enrollment basis, and puppies will age out at between six and seven months old, at which time they’ll be eligible to advance to the next level.

The puppy kindergarten class will include

  • Bite inhibition during play (while learning to check in with the owner – the foundation for building a proper recall
  • How to settle down when asked to
  • Teaching owners how to recognize and reinforce desirable behaviors.
  • Introducing owners to force-free training—; using food as a magnet, for example.
  • Using Marker and clicker training to shape behaviors. Clicker training is used to capture behaviors; training with clickers is a mechanical skill.

If you learn the proper mechanics in the beginning, you can set the foundation for a rewarding and wonderful lifelong relationship with your dog.

The Next Level

For the Dog: We will take all the skills learned, and shape them a THINKING dog. A "thinking" dog is wants to discover what his human needs him to be doing at any given moment.

For the Human: You will understand that animals are learning machines, and have been learning from their environment for about 180,000 years, and from us for the past 18,000 years, give or take! What we have gleaned from the way animals learn is that if we are not teaching them something, they will learn something anyway. And it’s usually something that we don’t like.

That’'s why it’s important to establish a good foundation for learning, and to give puppy owners the opportunity to do that during these early critical periods of growth. And to have fun doing it!