positive REINFORCEMENT training

Positive reinforcement training means setting your dog up for success.

...Jay's training will teach YOU how to be successful.


All animals are learning machines. Dogs have been learning from us for the past 18,000 years. What humans have to do is learn HOW to communicate precisely what they want their pet to do.

Every animal is different and yet they all respond to the same things: clear communication, precise and relevant event markers. This way the learn what they are supposed to do as opposed to what they think you want them to do.

Good behavior can save your dog's life:

  • to sit when they come to a street corner
  • to come when called

Good manners can improve both your lives:

  • to sit when guests come into the home
  • not to jump up on you in your new suit, but to cuddle with you when you want

Jay is a a real world problem solver, specializing in force-free training and behavior modification, using the powerful science of both operant and classical conditioning (read more about Edward Thorndike, Ivan Pavlov, and BF Skinner).

Jay believes that training should be fun, not work. He will teach you how to incorporate training into your everyday routine.

Learn how to recognize and reinforce "the RIGHT thing" by establishing a marker through

  • clicker training
  • lure-reward training
  • word-as-a-marker training

Call or email Jay today to learn more and set up private lessons. Try a one-hour lesson on shaping behavior.

MOST behavior problems tend to be a result of the animal's real-life experience. BUT SOME can be the result of congenital, physiological, or biological problems.

Jay, encourages clients to CALL to discuss particular problems they might be having. He can recommend veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, and internal medicine specialists.