Full package: $85 and up includes ears, nails, haircut, bath, and blow dry

A la carte and add ons

Nail clipping: $20

toothbrushing (toothbrush included): $20

HydroSurge bath: $70 and up

HydroSurge bath with skin debriding: $90 and up

Medicated skin treatments with a bath: $90 (only $20 extra with full grooming package)


Full grooming plus half-hour of training to isolate and address problems you are having at home (learn more about Jay's training here).

Full grooming plus half-hour training walk and home delivery
(asked Jay for details—this service only offered locally within 1 mile radius).


$150 per hour
does not include travel expenses outside New York City

Packages of two lessons $270

Packages of three lessons $400

Discounts available for packages of six lessons $720