From Dr. Ethan Loeb

Hydrosurge was invented by my father, Dr. Robert Loeb. Hydrosurge bathing systems use copious water irrigation and jet debridement of skin lesions to promote healing of various types of skin ulcers and dermatitis that affect both animals and humans. As a physician, I use these techniques when treating human forms of skin ailments such as diabetic foot ulcers. The benefits of water irrigation and jet debridement on healing is independent of the medical solutions used in conjunction with Hydrosurge therapy and is what makes Hydrosurge so effective not only for bathing animals but for healing skin wounds, ulcers and dermatitis. Over the years, Jay has had extensive contact with my dad as he developed Hydrosurge and so Jay has first hand knowledge of my dad's bathing techniques.


This is the page we will start assembling the many HydroSurge success stories of pet owners we have known and loved over the years. We hope you become one of them!

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Hi Jay --

First, I wish you a wonderful upcoming holiday season.  Many blessings to you, your family & your thriving business.

You have helped me & my beloved Thurman the French Bulldog in many ways over the years as we dealt with his sensitive skin and allergies.  You were always loving & cheerful & made Thurman feel comfortable -- even when he was battling the worst of his skin allergy attacks.  (And, he did have some bad ones, didn't he ??)

I wanted to phone you but would find speaking with you too emotional, frankly.  Sweet Thurman passed away the day before Thanksgiving.  There were two large abdominal tumors discovered since we had our last bath with you.  Dr. Brodsky (Stuart) eased him to his final rest.  So many of the staff at Westside took time to stop their tasks & say goodbye to Thurman and offer good wishes to me. 

The kindness of the staff there and the remembrance of your own manner with Thurman (and with me) has helped my daughter & me adjust to life without that sweet, goofy, gentle, calm, happy boy.  I miss him in a million ways every single day.  We were together everyday since I got him as a puppy -- I was blessed with being able to work from home, so we were constant companions. 

I know he is happy & pain-free romping in heaven, but I wish he were healthy & home with me now.  He gave me a beautiful 10 years.  He gave me more than I ever gave him.

Thank you, Jay, for your expert care of Thurman.  I know he would want me to thank you on his behalf, too !!  I hope that you have fond memories of Thurman, too.  He never gave you the tiniest bit of trouble.

I always recommend your service to people.  I wish you every good thing in life !!

In friendship,
Michelle Brown    

My family and I had been using Jay's self-grooming services for some 10 years before I asked him to help me train my new puppy.  I had gone to Jay not only because I trusted his extensive knowledge about dogs but also because he believes in using only positive reinforcement.  This would be a real challenge as I have a non-neutered, strong-willed Samoyed. 

Jay addressed my main concern - that my dog would listen to me when he was off-leash under any circumstances no matter how extremely distracting for the dog.  Jay took his experience in winning several herding competitions to help me train my dog with mainly positive reinforcement.  Now, I have my dog off-leash in Central Park, on vacation at the beach and just about anywhere without ANY concern about his listening and obeying my commands!  It has made for a great relationship.  More importantly I am able to take my dog anyplace, any time.

Thanks, Jay!
Jon Jacobs

We just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you and let you know what a great experience we all had this morning.

Woody pranced all the way back home - very proud of his new, clean self.

Thanks again,

Rachael, Doug & Woody