Why is Jay's method of bathing far superior to any other method?

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HydroSurge is a state-of-the-art, gentle, GREEN product which is extremely thorough and economical with use of our natural resources — especially WATER. Because the water and shampoo mixtures recirculate through the pump, which produces lots of cleansing bubbles, less water and shampoo are used. In other words — more suds, less waste, healthier pet.

Jay Andors and his HydroSurge system have become synonymous with the finest in holistic and specialized care and skin treatments for your beloved dogs and cats.

Recommended by veterinary dermatologists all over New York City.

For over a quarter-century, in his all-breed dog and cat grooming, Jay has always used positive reinforcement to create a comfortable situation for animals, allowing for a positive and successful grooming experience. Jay begins with training them to willingly accept the grooming process — being handled, brushed, clipped, and having anal glands expressed, etc. Start your puppy off right with a positive and gentle grooming experience. So not matter where he goes—the vet, the park, or even other groomers—he is is comfortable being handled.

Jay will help you build a great foundation for your pet's entire life.

Call on Jay's expertise if your dog...

  • SMELLS (which can be the result of bacterial infections)
  • has recurring, hot spots
  • struggles with dandruff
  • gets dermatitis or other skin infections
  • has allergies that cause him to itch
  • has hair loss caused by other more serious diseases

Dr. Robert Loeb, inventor, HydroSurge bathing.

For the first 10 of his more than 30 years of experience, Jay worked exclusively with Dr. Robert Loeb on developing a bathing therapy. The therapy consists of using the HydroSurge system coupled with dermatologist-presribed topical medications for his theraputic skin debriding.

The treatments used with the HydroSurge system hasten the animal's recovery and reduce the chances of re-infection by removing the layers of dead skin, which make the animal want to scratch. While humans can refrain from scratching, animals CANNOT — animals will keep scratching like they are trying to put out a fire — hence the term "hot spots."



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