Jay Andors

About Jay Andors

Jay Andors, a certified Master Groomer with over 25 years of experience, graduated from the original New York School of Dog Grooming. He studied with Sam Cole the author of The All-Breed Dog Grooming Guide which is considered “the Bible” of the art, and used for reference by all dog groomers. Upon graduation Mr. Cole asked Jay to teach at the school. Jay, however, had different goals. Born into a family of animal lovers (his father was a graduate of the Cornell School of Agriculture and his cousins raise horses and show dogs), Jay wanted to set up a grooming shop of his own.

With this in mind, he worked in grooming shops all over New York City in order to become experienced with all breeds. While training in these shops, Jay observed the best and the worst of how other groomers worked, how their shops were run, and how they treated animals in general. He also refined his scissoring hair blending techniques.

Jay was personally trained by the inventor of HYDROSURGE, Dr. Robert Loeb (also his cousin), in the various techniques using the HydroSurge system. The end result of bathing with Hyrdrosurge leaves your dog HUGGABLY clean — or as Jay says, HYDROSURGICALLY CLEAN.

Combining all of his grooming skills and experience, his love of animals, his insights into skin problems and his ability to teach, Jay opened his unique shop HydroSurge Animal Bathing Center in 1996.

Jay has always had a love of all kinds of animals. He was always that kid feeding a sick bird or helping a stray cat — even when he was 45. At 16, he saved an ill-treated monkey from a pet store and taught him how to play catch. When Jay started out, like everybody else, he thought "jerk and pull" and adversive methods were the best means for training.

But with his experience and study of operant conditioning and ways to motivate animals using POSTIVE methods to shape behavior, Jay discovered his talent for reading animal's body language and for shaping behaviors in animals of all kinds.

In 2011, Jay moved to his new location and begon focussing more on what he does best: dog and cat grooming and training.


  • Jay is fully certified by The City of New York Department of Health in Animal Care & Handling Techniques
  • He is a graduate of the New School of Dog Grooming
  • The HydroSurge facility is certified and qualified by The City of New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene